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Croatians in Europe

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Marko Babic scored for his Leverkusen today vs Dortmund :) 13 mins from the end and secured 1 point for his team, the game ended 2:2.
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:yuck: agree DC,

And 4m Euro's ??? forget it Tottenham!!

We got 6m GBP for Balaban and Kranjcar is way better than him!

The article also say they want Jerko Leko from Dynamo Kiev...
I think Bayern would be great for Jerko Leko, I heard thay have been interested in signing him, ideal place for him, Milan have shown interest to.

As for Kranjcar he should go to a team where he will play regularly, I dont think he wil play much at Tottenham or Arsenal.

I would like to see Kranjcar at Ajax! :)
Marko Babic extended his contract with Leverkusen to 2007

Good :) Leverkusen is a good club and Babic have turned out to a key player for them.

I think this guy should play in the starting ling up for Croatia in Portugal.
Both Budan (Atalanta) and Bjelanovic (Genoa) scored for their clubs in Serie B

Budan have made 7 goals sor far and Bjelanovic 6 :)
I prefer Jerko Leko over Vranjes,

And I agree with you guys, Kranjcar is the only one with great offensive qualities the other guys are similar and are more defensive. Thats why I want to see Kranjcar in a starting position for the NT, it really looked like we needed him vs Slovenija coz the attackers dont get any quality balls to work with from our midfield as it looks now.
Miki Rapaic Ancona - played 45 minutes in a friendly match vs Borgo Buggianese and scored 3 goals, Ancona won the game with 13:0
I hope he gets out and returns to Dinamo, I believe if he wants and only concentrates on soccer he can bring back his old form.
Klasnic :) hope he can conitinue like this :) Than we will have alot of alternatives for the second striker spot next to Prso
A small correction here DC, I watched the Marsielle - Partizan game, and Runje didnt play he was on the bench :eek: I have no idea why though.
Its always the stars who have to take all the shit if the team doesnt perform well...nothing more with it...
Greek giants Panathinaikos are reportedly interested in trying to lure Werder Bremen misfit Ivica Banovic to Athens, according to reports in Croatia and Greece.
Panathinaikos' Croatian director of sport Velimir Zajec has reportedly made Banovic his number one transfer target for the summer.

It is even being suggested Werder might allow the Croatian to leave during the winter transfer period, with him having no future at the club.

The 23-year-old midfielder has still not made his Bundesliga breakthrough despite spending the last three-and-a-half years at the Weserstadion.

Banovic joined the Green and Whites in a €2 million move from NK Zagreb, and Werder are not expected to renew his contract which ends in the summer.
Maybe he is interested in our players, but I think most of them are suggestions from Velimir Zajec...
Ejh sorry for posting about Banovic transfer in this thread.

Anyway today I saw Chelsea vs. Liverpool, and Liverpool won with 0-1. Biscan played the whole game he did ok, nothing special, Stanic was on the bench in regular clothes.
Benfica - Boavista 3-2

2 goals by: TOMO SOKOTA !!!
DerbyCounty said:
every dinamo sucks: Zagreb, Kiev, Moscow, Minsk, Tblisi, Bucarest missing any other team? :D
Here's the complete list :D

DINAMO ZAGREB, Dinamo Odranski Obrez, Dinamo Novo Cice

Dinamo Tirana

Dinamo Bukarest

Dinamo Bender

Dinamo Minsk, Dinamo Brest, Vitbic Dinamo Energo

Dinamo Kijev, Dinamo 2 Kijev, Dinamo 3 Kijev, Dinamo Odessa, Dinamo Saki

Dinamo Tiblisi, Dinamo, Batumi

Dinamo Erevan

Dinamo Baku

Dinemo Sikment, Dinamo Alma Ata

Dinamo Biskak, Dinamo-Alaj OS, Dinamo Kara-Bata, Dinamo Dzalal Abdad, DInamo KAnt, Dinamo Asia Karavan, Dinamo Alamedin, Dinamo Alu Baku, Kaindi-Dinamo, Dinamo Kara Bura, Dinamo UVD

Dinamo Dusanbe

Dinamo Moskva, Dinamo 2 Moskva, Dinamo 3 Moskva, Dinamo Stavropolj, Dinamo 2 Stavropolj, Dinamo St Petersburg, Dinamo 2St Petersburg, Dinamo Masinostroitelj Kirov, Dinamo Barnual, Dinamo Briansk, Dinamo Vologda, Dinamo Mahackla, Dinamo, Per, Dinamo, Omsk, Dinamo Izevsk, Dinamo Satura, Dinamo Jakutsk, Dinamo Mihajlovka, Dinamo Krasnodar, Dinamo Kamerov, Dinamo rostov

Dinamo Talinn

Dinamo Kaunas, Dinamo Utana

Dinamo Riga, Dinamo Liepaja, Dinamo Ventspils

Srbija i Crna Gora
Dinamo Pancevo, Dinamo Vranje

Dinamo Veloce

Dinamo Dresden, Dinamo Berlin

Carolina Dynamo High Piont, Denver Dynamos

Dinamo Bengo

Dinamo Doula

Dinamo Fina Tananrive

Dinamo Sainte Marie

Dinamo Harare

Power Dinamo Kitwa, Lusaka Dynamos
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Congrats to them and you!

arantes, this means you are it for the 1st time, enjoy it! :)
Very nice news, I'm still a Balaban fan :)
Prso scored vs Newcastle :)

He has scored vs Roma, Fulham, Tottenham and now Newcastle, impressive!
Athelas said:
Grashoppers-player Mladen Petric signed for Basel last week and the whole city is in turmoil since then. Petric burned a Basel scarf at the championship party of Grasshoppes last year and several times mentioned how he hated our club, and now he suddenly decided to join our side. Unfortunately our coach doesnt seem to care about this whole affair, he just wants to have "the best players in his team", no matter if they love or hate their club. :rolleyes: You can imagine how the reaction of the mostpart of the FC Basel fans was. Just visit our forum at fcbforum.ch and you'll see it...

I'm really concerned about the direction of our club politics. I dont know if I can still identify for that club as I did before, cause emotions dont seem to be important anymore. It's all about success. :mad: I just hope Petric will really regret that move after the first few games in the St. Jakobs Park and leave our club as fast as possible! :skull:
I just found this in the Swiss forum, maybe you allready know about it?, but I didn't and I think it's really funny :dielaugh:
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