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Croatians in Europe

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Marko Babic scored for his Leverkusen today vs Dortmund :) 13 mins from the end and secured 1 point for his team, the game ended 2:2.
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Prso would be a good replacement for Henrick Larrsson at Celtic who is leaving at the end of the season. Celtic are a huge club that plays in a weaker league. He will get Champions League games in yearly and play in front 55 thousand+ fans at home games.
Milan Rapaic was picked for Serie A Best 11 this week. Good start from him as he had an impressive game.

On the other end of the scale, Igor Biscan was picked for the Premiership Worst 11. He's had a shitter.
Ivan Klasnic Werder Bremen - Played 75 minutes and for the first time in a while he didn't score or get an assist on any of the goals. Werder Bremen won 3-1 over Leverkusen.
I just saw the highlights.... Klasnic set up Ailtons goal with a brilliant pass.
I watched the Juve game this morning. Tudor had a good game, nothing spectacular mind you but, he was playing with confidence and looked solid. Almost scored on a header where the keeper was forced into a diving save and gave up a rebound which Conte (I think?) hit the side of the net. Nedved's goal was a 'cracker' (pardon my limey slang;)).
Olic scored in a friendly against Ajax. Apparently he had a good game.
Miki had a part in a goal today.

Milan Rapaic did all the hard work, beating Gianluca Comotto before firing in a shot that Reggina goalkeeper Emanuele Belardi could only parry.

The loose ball fell kindly to Ganz and the veteran striker had the easy task of tapping the ball home.
Another goal for Dado today... I think that's 3 goals in the last 4 games he's played...or close to that. Read that he was pissed at not a getting on the field against Real...
Marko Babic scored again. He is also playing very well. I can't help but think he has to be our best young player right now. He is a regular starter, scores once in a while from outside mid and sets them up not to mention he holds up his defensive end.

By young player I mean anyone who still qualyfies for U-21.

There is only Babic, Srna and Kranjcar who would fight it out for top young player here.
How many goals has Tomo Šokota scored this season?
Ivan Klasnic is in very good form this week. He may not be scoring goals...but he is setting them up. Just saw the highlights of the Werder/Valencia game and Klasnic showed great vision on both assists. I believe he had two assists on the weekend also in Bundesliga. If he can hold this form for Bulgaria, I think it would make things much easier for us. If Prso can find space I believe Klasnic will find him. :party:
For those of you in Canada....

Tele Latino is about to show the AC Milan vs Donetsk game. A great chance to see Dario Srna in action who is starting.
dinamovac11 said:
Stjepan Tomas was voted the best player in Turkey. Well done to him. :proud:

I'm still waiting for the punch line. :neutral: ;)
I watched a repeat of the Rangers/Aberdeen game. Prso scored a nice goal with an Aberdeen defender holding on to his shirt. You can talk about the lack of quality in the Scottish league but you can't knock the determination those players play with. They run and tackle like maniacs. Aberdeen closed down Rangers very quickly and almost don't give up any space for their mid-field. You got to be tough to play in that league...some of the 'clean tackles' seen by the referee would have been straight red cards in a lot of european leagues...
Hey, what's up?

I thought there would be a write up on how the lads in Europe did...

Galinovic, Andric, Maric, Zivkovic, Soldo all saw action today....anyone else?
Well it's nice to finally see our players getting healthy, comming back from injury, just as qualifiers and NT games are comming up. Usually it's them getting injured just before these games....
Ivica Olic (UEFA Cup)
Robert Kovac (Champ. League)

If you're thinking of Biscan, I have to assume you haven't watched him play much this season. There is nothing positive he can bring to the Croatian NT that will make them better. That goes for playing and personality.
He played really good against Juve in the 1st half, shit in the second.
Dario Simic has made enough money off Milan where he can live comfortably the rest of his life. He should look for a change or at least a loan move to play a little before he retires...he doesn't have too many years left... When does his contract expire?
Bravo Miki!

I always liked that guy...:)
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