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Croatian Song Question

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Last summer, I heard a song at a Hajduk game that I can;t figure out the name to. It' mentions Marjan (the hill) in it. But it's not "Marjane, Marjane". It's a fast tempo song. I know this isn't much info, but I've had that song in my head for almost a year now. Could anyone provide names of songs that mention Marjan? Thanx in advance.
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Oluja sa sjevera?
No, not Oluja sa sjevera. I realize it's a very vague question. I know that if I hum it, you would be able to recongize it. Don't even know the words except that it mentions Marjan. I heard it at the Mallorca game. A fast tempo song; people were jumping around while singing it.
my memory is pretty bad anyway, maybe some1 else will remember
It is probably one of those many endless "dalmacija" songs.;) :tongue: :D
dinamo11 said:
It is probably one of those many endless "dalmacija" songs.;) :tongue: :D
probably :tongue:
I know the song :)

its "Giuliano - Torcida Kraljica"
Zagabria said:
I know the song :)

its "Giuliano - Torcida Kraljica"
No, not that one. I have that. I think it's a dalmacija song. It sounds like a narodna pjesma.
First place I looked. Thanx though.
Ok.......If you want the song that bad.....send an email to Torca Online and ask........thats my advice :)

since you bring it up. I also have a request!
Does anybody know where I can find a version of Crven Bjeli Plavi in MP3?


Asked this before. Where can I find Croatian soccer songs for GSM-phones, like

crven bijeli plavi
bili su bili

:confused: :rolleyes: :)
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Ever try mp3 download software? I use audiogalaxy and have no complaints. I just recently made a Hajduk cd with 18 songs, all from audiogalaxy.
Just download it and sign up. It's free.


Thanks man:)

I found thousands of croatians songs over there. Even Marjane, marjane (crven, bijeli, plavi)
:) :) :)
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