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Croatia Fantasy World Cup Group

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How many Croatians visit this board? I was thinking of putting together a fantasy group for Croatians for the world cup. I know yahoo is having one, but it's not really a fantasy league. It's just to pick winners of games. I guess we could do that. But, I was thinking of waiting until all the rosters are announced and a real fantasy league gets established. I know espn.com is supposed to have one. What you guys think?
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Fantasy leagues are all good and a lot of fun, but they're kind of hard to execute here at xt.

Maybe IVO has some experience at this sort of thing?
I don't know how many of us there are but I'd say at least 10 regulars and 10 who post often, but not as regularly as the rest.

Then you have the "silent observer" in Baraba who's still in mourning after the retirement of Igor Stimac:D

I'd be interested in a fantasy league....
No, I don't have any experience with these things Ero, maybe Zagabria does though, he's a webmaster and is probably pretty good with computers and such.
Igor...:crybaby: :depress:

Yeah, I'm always around.
funny, I thought so, every time I read this forum I can feel baraba's presence, I knew it ! He's been watching all along !

Maybe TJK has some experience, he's the EE forum FM and has started dozens of fantasy leagues ;)
Yeah I see him on the "online" section at the bottom of the main page. He just likes to watch us repeat ourselves and making numerous speling misteaks and he laughs;)
hell, spelling mistaeks are all normal humin errors :)
Yes, in the Croatian version of 1984 (by Orsan Velic) BIG BARABA is always watching. Instead of the thought police he is the spelling (and Igor Stimac) police.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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