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It got even better for our chokers today. It's nice to see how they responded in a must win situation.

Majku ti jebem, don't come back to Zagreb with your tails between your legs. :(

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It isn't that they played bad, they didn't win. Most of the team got good marks, but the strikers were bad.

These were the ratings in the Holland game:

Pletikosa - 4.5
Tudor - 6
Biscan - 6.5
Smoje - 6.5
Miladin - 6.5
Vranjes - 6
Leko - 6.5
Seric - 6.5
Sokota - 5.5
Balaban - 5
Simic - 6

If you don't take into account Pletikosa, we averaged a 6.1 compared to a 5.8 for Holland. Not a considerable difference, but if you saw the same, it could have easily been 3 or 4-0 for us.

The Spanish game was more even, but we were a little better. WE still couldn't win the game.

Now we have to win our last game against the Czech's by at least 2 goals. This is something we CAN do, but the way our offence is playing, I'm not sure we'll score two goals, let alone win by two.

Mind you, I still have faith that they'll do it, but the problem is that this sort of thing is once in a lifetime for these players. You can't go back to a youth team, and it's such a great accomplishment and tool for development, that you can't waste it.

If our youth team wasn't very good, it wouldn't bother me much if we lost, but when you know you're capable of winning the tournament, and you only get one point out of the first two games, it's pretty aggrevating.

The killer is the Holland game. Spain is a tough team, so tying them is not a surprise, and it is a good result. BUt to lose to Holland, who do have good players, is a shame considering how much better we are.

I don't want to point blame only at Pletikosa, everybody makes mistakes, and he wouldn't be a true Croatian goaltender if he didn't phuck things up pretty bad from time to time ;) But the offence should have done more. I think Simic is the weakest of the three strikers we used, and he got the best rating.

Sorry for writing so much :(
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