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Well, after Gavioe da Fiel inveded Parque Sao JOrge on monday, and almost beat up Edilson a big crisis has installed. Edilson said he will not play for Corinthians nr will Vampeta...until gavioes say that they are sorry ! Gavieos has been giving signs that they'll ask for forgiveness, but Vampeta is doing all this to go to Europe, has he has a clause in his contract that allows him to go in june....and he just wants an excuse as he was not even present the day Gavioes invaded Parque Sao Jorge. Vampeta forgets that before he came to Corinthians he was a semi unkown, and then got a place in the Brazilian first team!!
ALso, Flamengo sing a contract with Nike, and they'll receive 1 million dollar a month for the deal. They will probably get Ronaldo on loan with Inter in january, and Ronaldo might play 6 months in Brazil! Also Flamengo might get Zinho and Paulo Nunes back to play for their team, and Djalminha. La Coruna might ask a lot fro Djalminha, but he knows he will have a much bigger exposure to Luxemburgo in Flamengo then playing for the Spanish champions!
Corinthians are stil trying to bring Vagner (sao paulo) to play for us...hope he comes, then Vampeta will not be missed!:)
Alex has been sold to Parma, and got married on thursday!
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