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Crespo's replacement - The full story!

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Like I wrote previously we seem to have aquired Angel and that he will arrive next year. Lazio still tries to convince Salas to go but Parma could take Bierhoff, Simone Inzaghi or Milosevic as exchange instead. We would have been interested in Boksic as well if he had refused on his Galatasaray move. Apparently Bierhoff was a Parma target before we signed M'Boma and that he refused then because he didn't wanted to be a sub. Now things may be different and he could accept. Cragnotti will speak to Salas but he say that he can't do magic. If Salas still refuse the deal will again have to be remade. That's why Eriksson and Malesani will be asked about which players who can leave (Eriksson) and who he wants to join (Malesani). Then come the part about Parma buying Angel and loaning him out to Napoli. Napoli will NOT sign Ortega, they are asking for Lassissi though. Finally it looks like Man Utd still haven't given up their vain hopes on bringing Canna to Old Trafford.
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Simone Inzaghi? ugh...Milosevic would be GREAT.He and Amoroso would kill together...no Bierhoff please...

Just dont rush out the move for Crespo...if we get a good deal then let him go at Lazio.Else,dont sell him.We may not have him happy but Lazio (one of our main contenders) wont have him either.We hold the best cards...
Hehehe you can have Ravanelli, or give us Crespo + money for Lombardo :p
Lombardo Amoroso Ravanelli now that would be scary :rolleyes:

Hehehe Man Utd seriously think that Parma will sell Cannavaro and Cannavaro will ever think of going there :rolleyes:?!!!
I just can't imagine Man Utd gettin a defender like Canna!! Parma shouldnt accept the deal unless Man Utd offer at least $45mil!!
Neways stay at Parma!!!!

Cragnotti turned down a 45$ move for Nedved from United - they seem eager to spend money.
El Matador and Svennis please go to the Lazio forum to discuss their transfers... buzz off!

About Lassissi he could go to Napoli on-loan doesn't seems to basd to me he could gain some more confidence there, that is what he lacks a bit:(
Think Napoli's Defence is going to rock Lassissi-Afolabi: Not Bad!

Milocevic isn't a short term replacement or sub, Inzaghi's(both of them:)) don't fit in our playing style.

Bierhoff suck's!

I hope MUZZI will come!
Willem,I think everyone should be allowed at every forum...

Svennis,for 45$ they can have Cannavaro.
Gialloblu, read all about Afolabi in the Topic 'Napoli transfers & Probable Line-up'

Ok Svennis and El Matador i just ment don't... well forget about it i just misunderstanded your posts i'm sorry *sigh*
Angel will arrive next year COOL¡
Hes a top scorer...Forza Napoli¡

Afolabi is a african man i mean¡
We was playing at (swi) last year.

Lombardo an Ravanelli makes me cry...
and what will happ.. whit Ortega?
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