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Cragnotti made the offer:
Salas + Almeyda + around 10 million dollars = Crespo

-Parma accepted:D

-Almeyda accepted:D

-Crespo most probably yes :)
(he was jubilent and happy that lazio are interested in him, he said he would like to play with Veron and the rest of the argentines, but no final confrimation to my knowledge that he accept)

-Salas ????? :confused:

If Salas didnt accept Crespo wont come.
It seems Salas is unhappy with the move, his agent and Cragnotti are trying to convince him for the move according to what i read in different sites, I presume he will finally accept with all the pressure. but I dont believe he likes it, he always use to say that he wants to stay at Lazio.

If it didnt work with Salas (low probability) then Cragnotti might try to make a new offer with either Angel or Conceicao.
who knows.....

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Salas has a point. Why should he go away from laziali, who love him ??? I say : SALAS STAYES !!!

FORZA EL MATADOR, 30 goals for Lazio !
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