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Crespo - The truth?

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"Yesterday Crespo and Tanzi had a phone conversation to try and clear up
some of the mess created by the striker's words when he arrived in Argentina.
Crespo said that he would like to join his friend Veron, and those words were
interpreted like a slap in the face of Parma. Crespo said that he didn't want
to imply that he was leaving Parma. He also suggested that "Sebastian could
return to Parma. It would be a good idea." It is quite obvious that Parma, and
Tanzi don't want to lose their striker, as this would create tensions around
Buffon, Thuram and Cannavaro, the other Parma players, who teams would love to
ply away. There is also the fact that buying Crespo would be an extremely
expensive business as the player would command at least 5 million $ a season
contract on top of Parma's asking price of well over 50 million $."
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the asking price of 50$ million is too high
maby 35$ million, or what i would like Almeyda+ 25$ million or something like that, i don't want to see Stankovic, Boksic or Salas in the swap!
Are you crazy Willem? A higher asking price means more money to Parma or that we can keep Hernan in Parma and keep Thuram, Buffon and Cannavaro happy. I think it's the right strategy by Tanzi as he knows that Moratti and Cragnotti are crazy... :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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