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Crespo-Lazio, matrimonio!

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Check this out guys:


With Crespo and Lopez on the front, we will repeat this scudetto once more.

Forza Lazio
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I think with Salas, Inzaghino, and Lopez, we will repeat it aswell!!
It´s MADNESS !!!!! I can not belive that Cragnotti will go straight into this trap !!!!

Crespo is a great player but Cragnotti does this only to please the outside world !!!!

I would much rather see a couple of players then Crespo !!! why can´t we keep Salas and focus on more important matters then a suicide purchase.
salas will also stay i think?
inzaghi,crespo and piojo
ravanelli as a joker,if he not leaves
what a team..........
boksic is probably leaving
Frankly speaking, I'd rather have Crespo instead of Vieri.

Forza Lazio
Well it doesnt matter who plays forward, its matter who will score goals !!!! I hope Matador will stay cause Lazio is only club where he belongs to !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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