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Crespo in record Lazio swop

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Parma and Lazio have finally agreed on a record deal which will see Hernan Crespo go to Lazio while Marcelo Salas, Matias Almeyda and 25 billion lire (€13m) move in the other direction.

Salas finally said yes after a long consultation with agent Gustavo Mascardi and the record deal was suddenly on.

The asking price for Crespo was originally 125 billion lire (€65m) and Lazio are giving Parma exactly what they wanted.

It was the same Sergio Cragnotti to confirm the deal with Tanzi on Wednesday afternoon.

"For Crespo there are not problems anymore, he will sign for Lazio during the next week! The agreement of Salas was decisive to close the negotiation. I repeat, there isn't any problem anymore. Crespo is young and ahead him has a great future!".

If Lazio manage to get their hands on Arsenal star Marc Overmars, they would release Sergio Conciecao and Parma are keen to gain his services. This time it would be a case of Parma having to dig deep into their pockets.

Salas 0r Crespo won't go to Inter...
Massimo, stop telling us they will sign ! tell us the truth ! :mad:
I hate that when that happens... Players...Good players sign with other club insted of inter !:mad:
But.:(.:(. That's football(remeber Farainos?!?) :):):)
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of course would not of it been beutiful if crespo and almeyda were running in inters jersey well thats football

dont forget how other clubs started crying when we got ronaldo juves charmain did not speak to the media for 3 days
And remember when we signed vieri and in his first match he scored a hatrick the other teams wished they paid more

so as u see we have good times and bad times
Come on Igor,we already have BoBo and Rony!!You can't have all in life!!

Forza Inter!!!
that is one the of worst swaps i've heard in a long time, Crespo isn't young anyway, yo Igor, how did you put pictures as your signiture
I guess you are right...joeyue...
But Moratti did told us that he would sign him!!!!
PerSiaN KinG ,If i am not mistaking , soccerforums.com has cancelled the signature pics...
This isn't very nice...
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