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Crazy Fans

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Report: Bangladeshi soccer fans of Brazil, Argentina fight
June 11, 2002

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) -- Dozens of Bangladeshi soccer fans of Brazil and Argentina fought each other Tuesday with stones and iron rods over hoisting the flags of their favorite teams in a remote village.

At least 10 fans from both sides were injured in the fighting in Badanpur village, 75 miles northwest of the capital, United News of Bangladesh reported.

The clash occurred after the rival fans tried to hoist the flags of Brazil and Argentina on the same coconut tree, the tallest in the farming village.

The agency gave no further details.

Most Bangladeshi soccer fans support either Brazil or Argentina in the World Cup.

Two young fans of Argentina already died in Bangladesh since the May 31 kickoff of the finals in Japan and South Korea.

One of them fell from a rooftop while trying to hoist Argentina's national flag in the town of Cox's Bazar, 185 miles south of Dhaka.

In the second fatal accident, a 17-year old fell into power lines and was electrocuted as he tried to hoist Argentina's flag atop a building in another southern city, Chittagong.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Bangladesh, but the national team has never made it out of World Cup qualifying rounds.

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we should all support brazil. that way we could all get along in peace.
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