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CRAGNOTTI 'We need professional refs in a European championship.'
'I'm fed up with the Italian championship. We
need a European one with professional referees.'
Said Lazio boss Sergio Cragnotti.

Juve-Parma: De Santis whistled after the ball was in the net.
Referee De Santis blew his whistle after the ball
was already in the net.

CRAGNOTTI: 'I will certainly protest.'
Cragnotti said 'I'm very angry and I will protest

CRAGNOTTI 'The ref didn't know how to justify himself.'
Cragnotti said, 'Everyone saw what happened.
Even the ref couldn't explain himself.'

CRAGNOTTI 'We could have won the title twice.'
Cragnotti says 'We've deserved to win the title
twice consequetively, now.'

CRAGNOTTI: 'Where's the justice?'
Lazio president said 'Cannavaro's goal was
legitimate - I don't know what the ref saw.
There isn't much sporting spirit in the Serie A.
If there was a foul it was committed by Juve, not
Parma , players.'

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Well, Glen, you're wrong here. I've seen a program on TMC, and they showed clearly that the ref whistled AFTER Fabio Cannavaro headed the ball. And in a telephone poll, 72% of the spectators think that goal had not to be disallowed.

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