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Inter have signed the 16 year old from Vasco and he will remain in Brazil until he's 18.

Any thoughts, comments, opinions on the youngster?

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Here's an article about Phillippe Coutinho. I'll translate the gist of it:

Now it's official: Youngster Phillippe Coutinho, 16 years old, Vasco's biggest youth-squad promise, has been sold to Internazionale Milano for €4 millions.

The deal was closed 20 days ago, one day before Roberto Dinamite took his place as Vasco's new president. The previous administration, headed by Eurico Miranda, held a meeting to present the situation to the new administrators.

Philippe's representatives made the offer that worked best for Vasco - the player stays two more years in the club - but explained that there would be other ways to close the deal if the directors didn't accept this option.

Therefore, last month the player signed a contract with the Rio team, his first professional contract, already under the rules established by this deal, and with his wages being paid by Internazionale - initiallly €600 thousand a year (around R$1 million), increasing progressively, until the fifth year of the agreement, when the amount will reach €1 million (around R$2,5 millions).


Vasco's current administrators intended to keep this deal discreet. However, a rumor about the player being transferred to Real Madrid led to the truth about the Internazionale transfer being leaked to the press.

Phillippe Coutinho has been training, twice a week, with Vasco's professional roster. He has been called for the Brasilian Team that will play the 9th Toyota U-16 International Championship, to be played in Japan between August 7th and 11th.

Coutinho already scored 16 goals for youth-divisions Brasilian NTs - two in 2006, nine in 2007 and five in 2008. Through his youth-divisions career he already scored 106 times.

For the Brasilian NT, he already participated in the conquests of the 6th Mediterranean Internacional Football Cup/2006 (U-15 category); the 7th Mediterranean Internacional Football Cup in 2007 (U-15); the 3rd South American Championship/2007 (U-15) and the 8th Mediterranean Internacional Football Cup/2008 (U-16).

Name: Phillippe Coutinho Correia
Born: June 12th 1992, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Weight: 64kg
Position: Attacking midfielder
Goals scored: 90 (Vasco) / 16 (Brasilian NT)

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Bumping this.

Would it be possible to get a review on Coutinho and Vasco's progress? Obrigado in advance! :)
mediocre at best. but his team sucks...

hard to say how much better he would play if he was playing for a better team.

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Coutinho must play a bit and for while yet to replace for example Bernard. Jadson is really one of the ? of the team. His form isn't even that wonderful (in the last games, he was even outplayed by Ganso). It is a very normal player.
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