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Title Race

  • Galatasaray - 63

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • Fenerbahce - 60

    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • Besiktas - 58

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Countdown to Championship: Race Title Head-to-Head

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1 Galatasaray 28 60
2 Fenerbahçe 29 60
3 Beþiktaþ 29 58
4 Ankaragücü 29 50
5 Bursaspor 29 44
6 Ýstanbulspor 29 39
7 Gaziantepspor 29 38
8 Trabzonspor 28 38

There are only 5 weeks left and this is what the titla race looks like. After Besiktas tied home to Denizli failing to score any goals on Firday, Galatasaray followed them up with a terribl football on Saturday.

Then, Fenerbahce, had to be satidified with a tie after Ahmed Hassan scored a 90+2 goal for Gencler.

Galatasaray plays the delayed Trabzonspor game on wednesday. The outcmoe of the game is extemely important, but still not decisive.

The million dollar question remains to be answered; Who will it be???:star:
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The million dollar question remains to be answered; Who will it be???
I want to believe it's Fenerbahce:)

Galatasaray has tough away games beginning with Trabzon. Besiktas lost their focus. :eek:

The bottom of the league is much more exciting any team going to Malatya, Samsun, Rize might lose.:eek:

It's not gonna be clear who's winning championship who's goingto 1st league untill the last whistle:cool:
Fener have the best draw home, with 3 home and 2 away games...
Besiktas have the advantage of playing Fener at home, and if Gala don't drop many points, then this will be the game to decide the champion :eek:
Gala have the toughest draw home, although with a match in hand...Only 12 or so hours til kickoff :) 2 home and 4 away games for Gala...
Galatasarat won 2-0 at Trabzon:rolleyes:

First three is:
Galatasaray 63
Fenerbahce 60
Besiktas 58

Now, it all depends on Galatasaray's performance:eek:
I editted the poll options...Now Gala has 63 :eek:
On Fire!!!

Galatasaray - 66
Fener - 63
Besiktas - 61

This title race is on fire!!
# weeks left! Now Gala plays Istanbul and fener Besiktas play each other!!!
2 Istanbul derbies in the same week :)

Come on Fener & Istanbul!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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