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I'm from Costa Rica, and I have to say that Mexico is the best team in the are, for many things, their league, their managment, and the most important thing their pride!
Now, I would't say that Costa Rica is the second best, rigth now USA is better than us...
My rank of the are would be:

1- Mexico
2- USA
3- Costa Rica
4- Honduras
5- T & T

I want to remark that this is my rank at this moment, I can tell you that in couple of years, or maybe 3 years, USA can easy be best or maybe not...

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If we are talking about management, league etc, absolutedly Mexico is the best although is a little deceiving to think that Mexico has the best players and NT. Simply is like saying that Spain is the best team in Europe because it has the best league or club teams.

Mexican teams are loaded with South American players I would challenge anyone to tell me which team has as their best player a Mexican (and don't say Chivas) there might be a couple here and there but the vast majority have South Americans as their best players.

Look at America and Morelia there are at least 4 or 5 SA players starting for those teams at the key positions, Mexicans for the most parts are role players.

Mexican teams have is more money to buy better foreign players. Don't get me wrong there are some quality Mexican players but Mexico is nowhere near Argentina or Brazil in producing good players and IMO Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay and Chile are ahead of them in that respect as well.

Now when you compare it with the other NT teams in the region I truly believe that Honduras and USA have almost as much quality talent, they might not have the depth that Mexico have but the best players in the US and Honduras are as good as the best players in Mexico. Costa Rica is just a tad behind but they are close enough to beat those teams in any given day like they demostrated during the WCQ. The rest of the countries way far back.

Based only on quality of players only
1) Mexico (because of depth)
2) Honduras
3) USA
4) Costa Rica
big gap
then the rest of teams

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Mexico has by far the BEST league North of the Panama Canal..Without a doubt and probably better than 3 or 4 leagues in South AMerica included....
At the National level I like what Spectro posted and I agree with his thoughts in todays scenario.

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