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Now i don't mean to cast any shodows on Lazio's win. It was thoroughly deserved but i am surprised no one else has noticed this.

Before i post once again let me say i think Lazio deserve the scudetto from back to front.....i can almost say FORZA L....O :) :) Congrats on a deserved win...BUTT!!!!!!!!!!

Did you actually win the scudetto? I will post this at the Juve forum and also at the INTER forum and Serie A forum so be sure to check around and see what the other fans think.

1> Referees obviously favour Juve.
Why? Intimidation? Gang conections? Fear? Psychological effect of the mighty black and white?

2> Juve somehow have benefited from "mistakes" of refs for years. Why? Why only Juve?

3> On SUnday if Lazio had not won the Scudetto what would have happened?
Full scale investigations?
Scrutinizing of Mr. Moggi?
Every questioning eye in football turned to Juve?

4> What happened? Lazio won the scudetto....hmmmmmmm.........

5> What has happened now.....no one is even bothered about Canavarro's goal except Parma fans. Interesting......

Sure Lazio deserved to win the scudetto but the bottom line is that they were cheated but miraculously still win the scudetto.


he himself admits it was a very very strange match....his words exactly. I agree a very very strange match.

Juve Players
Van Der Saar didn't try to save Calori's shot did he? Conte could have headed the ball anywhere. he headed it right down back int ohis own defencive box....Conte doesn't make these kind of mistakes. That is why he is captain of Juve. Not one shred of disappointment on the faces of teh players. Remember when Lazio lost the title? Tears a plenty. NOT ONE SINGLE TEAR!!!!!!!!! No Juve player cried. Not one single bit of emotion. They all simply put on sour faces and walked off the field.

No emotional out bursts nothing. Juve were forced to take the field in poor conditions and lost to a goal scored seemingly because of condidtions.

Then Moggi has some horrible and acid things to say in the media....but this is said a day or two after. When do you make acid and irrational comments people? You make them because they are reactions not when you have had days to think them over........Friends...his comments were very likely simply orchestrated. Why?

To give the desired effect. WHat is expected? VENOM....so Moggi gives venom. But not as a reaction but days after in a well organized and planeed statement. Yet his words are purposely strong and offencive. ITS A SHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my theory guys Moggi influences the scudetto but somehow things do not work out well at Verona. This will probably hurt Prandelli's career for life. Anyhow he is now desperate and somehow influences De Sanctis but De Sanctis does it in a way too obvious way. Suddenly all eyes are turned to Juventus.......too much attention Moggi risks being exposed for the extortionist he probably is he is forced tto let this scudetto pass.

Friends Lazio deserves this scudetto...BUTT!!!!!!!!! the last game of teh season IMHO opinion was a sham.

What has happened......attention has turned away from Moggi........no one cares anymore except Parma and we all know that the real big guns are not interested in what teams outside Milan and Torno have to say.

Moggi is a master of deception and has lost this batttle simply so he can continue winning the war.

Here is a ridiculously long article that helps support my points.....Moggi must be stopped he is making idiots of us all.

Moggi Moggi VAFFANCULO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the Italian game corrupt? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Juve's top official branded by critics General manager Luciano Moggi under fire in latest scandal, reports Simon Evans Sunday May 14, 2000 The stench enveloping Italian football in the wake of Juventus's controversial victory over Parma has prompted an investigation into events before and after the game by Turin's public magistrate. Since Fabio Cannavaro's last-minute header for Parma was inexplicably disallowed by referee Massimo De Santis, giving Juve a 1-0 win last Sunday, Italy has been swept by an extraordinary tidal wave of anti-Juve sentiment. There have been death threats against the referee's family, violent street protests in Rome and the president of the Italian FA has said he may look to bring in foreign match officials next season. No one has made an outright claim that Juve have broken any law, but it has been a close-run thing. And one of their top men, general manager Luciano Moggi, is the target for vitriolic criticism because of the power he allegedly wields over Italian football. More of him later. Juve should claim their 26th Serie A title in today's last round with a win at Perugia but if there is an ounce of sense left in Italian football their celebrations will be muted. The feelings are strongest in Rome, where Lazio are left two points behind the Turin club thanks to referee De Santis's decision. Midweek street protests are forecast to continue today with two major events - the Giro d'Italia cycle race and the Italian Open tennis finals - braced for violence. Lazio are hosting Reggina just a few hundred yards from the Foro Italico tennis complex. One of the leaders of Lazio's hard-line 'ultras' fans, Fabio Piscitelli, said today's demonstrations would include a 'funeral' of Italian soccer, with a real coffin in Rome's Piazzale Flaminio. Fans will then enter the stadium for Lazio's match 15 minutes late. Lazio president Sergio Cragnotti claimed: 'This championship is losing credibility. I can't invest millions in this club and then find we are in this unclear situation.' Had the goal stood, and the game ended in a 1-1 draw, Lazio and Juve would have gone into today's games level on points and with a title play-off almost certain (goal difference is not a factor in Serie A ). 'Sorry, but this is a scandal' was the front-page headline in Rome's Corriere dello Sport the day after the match, probably the mildest comment on its pages this week. Within half an hour of the game ending De Santis had explained his decision to annul Cannavaro's goal to a reporter. He claimed to have blown the whistle before the Parma defender headed the ball goalwards, having spotted some pushing as Marcio Amoroso's corner came over. When Cannavaro himself appeared in front of the press, his reaction was the same as in the moments after the whistle blew - he was just laughing. Television replays clearly showed he had whistled after Cannavaro connected with the ball - and that there was no foul to be seen. From early Sunday evening to past midnight on Monday there are shows that contain nothing other than action replays of controversial incidents, scrutinised by a panel of journalists. Not one of the judges in these self-styled 'courts of calcio' was able to find a reason why the goal was disallowed. It is not the first time Juventus are in sight of a title that few but their own fans feel they deserve. In Florence they still rage over the 1982 season when Fiorentina were pipped to the title by Juve on the final day thanks to dubious refereeing which favoured Juve and punished Fiorentina. More recently, during what Italians call 'the season of poison' two years ago, Juve were neck and neck with Inter. Juve won 1-0 at Empoli, who were denied an equaliser when the ball clearly crossed the line. A week later Juve beat Inter 1-0 at the Delle Alpi but Inter had a clear penalty turned down, leaving their president, Massimo Moratti, claiming Juventus have a psychological grip over referees. 'Referees don't do this on purpose; it's a habit. They are afraid of hurting Juventus. It is the rule not the exception,' said Moratti at the time. The veteran Lazio striker Roberto Mancini went closest to suggesting foul play when he claimed the last nine championships had been rigged. 'The last fair championship was won in 1991 by Sam

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After the scudetto i can not sleep ! and still awake !
Anyhow , why do you think Juventus is paying bunch of money to Moggi ?
What is his role in Juventus ?
So , everybody knows the reasons in football business and there is no need to discuss it.

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No outbursts?

What do you call..rubentus players to the Perugia president after the match, "GAUCCI, BASTARDO"



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Blackeagle; Why Moggi get's alot of money ? What is he actually doing ?


He's the general manager of Italy's most succesfull club in history. Try to figure out if Galliani of Milan and the people in similar positions of other clubs work for free.
The only main difference between Moggi/Galliani and the rest of the general managers around is that they act more like the Presidents of their respective clubs than others, because the Presidents themselves (Agnelli and Berlusconi) are more devoted to the industries supporting the teams. That's why You hear Moggi giving statements on behalf of Juve while Cragnotti, Sensi, Moratii etc. etc. gives them on behalf of their teams.


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hmmmm.......sigh.....when we all realize what is probably actually going on it willbe too late when all the fans have gone....and Italya are banned from European competition.

Serie A willbe the WWF of football.

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The WWF of football?? That would be pretty cool!!!
All the players would need new nicknames, though...

Vicious Vieri
Evil Inzaghi
Dead End van der Sar

Stuff like that....

They would also need some entrance music when coming
on the field. Maybe the tune from the CL :)

At least there won't be anymore complaints of match fixing
then... :) :)

Or maybe I just shouldn't make any posts when I'm drunk.
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