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What are your first impressions of being an Inter player?

It's an important leap, for me Inter is the big opportunity. But my first thought is for Chievo, who gave me this opportunity, thanks to two seasons in which I have been very happy. If I'm here, then I have to share a lot of the credit with president Campedelli, coach Del Neri and my team-mates.

Were you afraid of not coming to Inter?

Director Sartori told me to stay calm, go on holiday and this opportunity would be made concrete on my return. I have always manifested my desire to come to Inter. We can say all is well that ends well.

Was it also because of your goals that Inter didn't succeed in reaching its aim?

I believe I behaved like a professional. I'm very sorry if my goals stopped them from winning the scudetto. Now we must start again and work to win.

What are your expectations of this new experience?

I must exploit the chances and always be prepared. Without fear and with the right desire to work.

You're here as understudy to Vieri . Does that worry you in any way?

We have similar characteristics. The eventuality of substituting him requires even more concentration because we need to show that he's not missed. I will have to be ready every time the coach needs me.

What do you think of the possible arrival of Nesta at Inter?

Nesta is a fantastic player, all the teams of a certain level are trying to buy him. He played an excellent World Cup, showing that he is in excellent form. The competition is heating up, but he's Nesta.

Ronaldo showed yesterday that he's back to his best, it is a great joy for everybody?

I saw the match and I'm very happy for him. Everyone has been awaiting him in this World Cup and he has replied in a great way. Besides being a great player he's also a great man. Just think that after Chievo against Inter he went to encourage Lupatelli despite the fact that he had scored with his injury.
For a striker there is a lot of competition at Inter!
No-one likes to sit and watch, but it's part of being in a group that wants to rejoice for the satisfactions of team-mates. We all have to row in the same direction.

Your name has been inserted into the negotiations for Nesta. What do you think about that?

I had confirmation from Oriali and Terraneo that my arrival at Inter was because of the wishes of the coach. In transfer market negotiations the player's desire counts and mine is to remain at Inter.

Could there have been a small space for Chievo players like Corini, Marazzina, Perrotta and yourself at this World Cup?

Marazzina's call-up for a pre-World Cup warm-up was a prize for the whole Chievo team. In attack there weren't many spaces, seeing as Italy has a lot of first class players. The Chievo players don't have international experience and it would have been a big risk to call us up. If we had gone out of the World Cup everybody would have criticised Trapattoni's choices because of our small amount of experience. I think the coach did well. Perrotta was the player that could have been most useful to the Azzurri's cause, seeing as Di Biagio's injury took something away from the midfield. Corini, who despite being 33 played last season like a vigorous athlete of 22, was surely too old.

Your first match in nerazzurro will probably be in the Champions League preliminaries. A big responsibility?

It will be an important debut. We have an important objective to reach because Inter is a top-level club. We will have to take the responsibility, as is required in matches like these.

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Wow he had great things to say Corradi!.

I think if he comes seriously with that attitude he will play more then his share of games.

He seems like a great person with great passion to make it at Inter.It seems Cuper wanted him which is interesting also;).

Good luck to him.
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