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Tevez exchanges punches with teammate during training

Corinthians' Argentinean forward Carlos Tevez and central defender Marquinhos participated in a "boxing match" this friday during a training session at Parque São Jorge.

Tevez and Marquinhos were in opposing teams. Near the sideline, Tevez was protecting the ball when he hit the centreback with his elbow.

Marquinhos, who had asked to be negotiated to Atletico-MG, where ex-Corinthians manager Tite is currently working, didn't like the Argentinean's attitude and answered by punching Tevez. The Argentinean lost his temper too and jumped at his teammate, once more hitting Marquinhos' face – the defender left the pitch with a bloody nose.

The fight was only contained by the other teammates, led by defender Betão and leftback Gustavo Nery.

This is the second time the Argentinean star got involved in fighting within Corinthians' roster. In early March, he had an argument with midfielder Carlos Alberto after tackling Dinelson too hard. The leftwinger Gil declared that he watched the fight from up close. He said he was sorry to see the second confrontation this season among fellow squad-mates.

"I didn't see if Tevez's elbow was intentional or not, but he hit Marquinhos' mouth, and then Marquinhos got up and hit him back. This is the second bad fight between squad players, once more with Tevez involved, but I hope that doesn't happen anymore", Gil said in an interview with Record TV.

Fabio Costa tried to play down the incident. "I don't think this will change Corinthians' course in the championship", said Corinthians' goalkeeper.


If you're interested, the link to the story in Terra is here.
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