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Copa del Rey

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Who is going to win it ?

I asked it already in the Atletico forum but what do you guys from other teams think of it. Will it be Atletico or Espanyol ?

For me it's Atletico because we are simply better although we haven't proven it this season in the Primera Division :(
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Atletico Madrid :)

Hasselbaink's last game :(
Atletico better win, or i wont get those 100£!!!

+Stars that can show the class in finals.
+The only chance of grabbing on before hell breaks loose :)
+I have to win or i will be broke!

-Low morale?
-Espanyols has got the team-spirit.
-Given up?Thinking about new clubs??

It has to be Atletico de Madrid. I hope so, because if they do they will have a passage to Europe and it may just persuade many of the players to give it a try for at least a year. I mean, what's the difference - primera or secunda. At east Atletcio can be champions down there :)
How sad...you all wrong! Espanyol won over Atletico Madrid a 2-1 in Spanish Cup.

I don't really care, but I didn't expect that Atletico depressed such a big time, nothing seems right to them!
PS, R&B, your 100.....

I was feeling really sorry for Toni...The post-match interview was realy emotional. And that fukk Raul Tamudo tried to comfort him... It was unsportsmanlike to score a goal like that!
Atletico played good. The classic "If they would have played that all season...." quote came to mind....

About the 100. Yeah, life sucks :)
But if Assyriska FF wins against Enköping SK then i wil bring home a little sum of 20£....

well, i came home with nothing :)

Doesnt anyone agree about the Atletico match?
I agree totally with you. If you saw them play you didn't notice that there was a team playing that relegated ! There was agression, lots of effort from the players. A really good game and Atletico played very well. The passing was awesome from time to time and i still can't believe that they lost :(
About the goal. Well, it may not be the best way to score but if Atletico would have scored the same way i wouldn't care. A goal is a goal. I don't like this way of scoring but soccer can be hard ;)

Such a shame that they won't play in the first division next season...
Actually the final was a lame contest and I don't give a hut about who won. Too bad Real didn't mae it to the final, that could've really been cool... :D
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