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Copa del Rey: Real Unión vs Real Madrid

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Our first game in this season's edition of the Copa takes us to Irún at the stadium Gal (capacity only 5,000) to take on one of the oldest teams of La Liga, Real Union. They are currently in Segunda B and not doing too well but are a historic club and we should not take them too lightly. Schuster is going to have Dudek and co a game since our regulars really need a breather.

We have not won this competition in ages and im really hoping we take it seriously this season.

Anyone want to speculate on what our team will look like?
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we were rubbish.

lets hope DLR is alright, if anyone reads or hears anything please post it here.
From what I have heard it was low blood pressure. But they are going to reexamine him
It seems that De la Red is fine already, I'm glad for this news. I wish him a full recovery and I hope he passes an intensive medical test to evaluate that everything is fine with the health of this great player. Noone wants another Puerta case. I hope he can be back soon.
I think we still hold our breath, its frightening to see a player collaspe on the pitch and when this happens thought immediately flash back to A.P.
consider schusloser didnt trust DLR , i think he can rest another half month more
consider schusloser didnt trust DLR , i think he can rest another half month more

I think Bern has show a lot of confidence in DLR and has been featured in a midfield that has a lot of options
Any update guys ?? He is ok today ?
we was released from the hospital and the interview given by Marcelo was very poignant.
Sh!t! that scared the hell out of me when i read about!

Hopefully hes better soon and its nothing serious.
I hope they do extended examinations on him before he retuns on the field.

Animo Ruben!!!! :hopeful:
DLR said he didnt know what all the fuss was about until he saw it on TV...

he wanted to thank everyone for their concern and will be taking a long weekend to spend with his family/

I hope all is well and that this was just a freaky inncident.
Rubén de la Red está feliz. "Todo quedó en un susto, las pruebas han dado todas bien, pero por precaución me han dicho que pase el fin de semana en casa". Las imágenes de televisión fueron el asunto del día. De la Red las pudo ya ver esta mañana en Irún a través de Internet. Y luego leyó la prensa. "La verdad es que me ha llamado mucha gente, no entendía muy bien tanto revuelo, y ahora que he visto las imágenes entiendo que se hayan alarmado. Afortunadamente me encuentro muy bien y quiero dar las gracias a todos los que se han preocupado por mí y a las innumerables muestras de cariño que he recibido".

Rubén de la Red incluso mostró su buen humor esta mañana en Valdebebas. Entró al vestuario, donde saludó a sus compañeros con los que estuvo bromeando. Ya por la tarde, el centrocampista internacional ha descansado en su domicilio y ha recibido la visita de Realmadrid.com. "Aprovecharé para estar con mi hijo que tiene cinco meses y es la alegría de mi casa. Y veré el partido contra el Almería por televisión. Son tres puntos importantes que necesitamos y seguro que vamos a ganar. El equipo está fuerte y motivado", apuntó el jugador del Real Madrid.

ruben is resting at home now
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thank you for the infos! Speedy recovery Ruben!
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Hope he well be back ASAP...
What clueless defender's we have at this club. Michel Salgado really should not even be a back up at this point. Metzelder ? Not worthy of his place on the team , remind me ONE outstanding performance by him since we signed him ?

At least Saviola and Higuian scored nice goals...

thank you for the infos! Speedy recovery Ruben!
:thumbsup: to you DLR
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