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Copa del Rey: Real Unión vs Real Madrid

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Our first game in this season's edition of the Copa takes us to Irún at the stadium Gal (capacity only 5,000) to take on one of the oldest teams of La Liga, Real Union. They are currently in Segunda B and not doing too well but are a historic club and we should not take them too lightly. Schuster is going to have Dudek and co a game since our regulars really need a breather.

We have not won this competition in ages and im really hoping we take it seriously this season.

Anyone want to speculate on what our team will look like?
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2-2 Saviola .
what happened to DLR. I missed it. Was there any contact?
what happened to DLR. I missed it. Was there any contact?
There is a video on www.marca.com !
There is a video on www.marca.com !
Damn that looks horrible :scared: Get well DLR
Now these ****ers score...
WTF ! what a poor defense 3-2
again , bring in Velayos for Salgado bernd !!
Salgado responsible for 2 goals by himself, lovely. why isnt velayos playing.
Our defense is ridiculously amateurish.
Salgado and Metzelder for sure
Wesley - IN
Diarra - OUT
give me a fvcking break ref , a clear goal for Heinze , and maybe a penalty to saviola

Bueno in for Gonzalo
the stream guy changed the channel. for the best i reckon.
we were rubbish.

lets hope DLR is alright, if anyone reads or hears anything please post it here.
Is this a two-legged affair?
61 - 80 of 114 Posts
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