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Copa del Rey | 1/16 Finals | Orihuela CF - Club Atlético de Madrid (21:00 CET)

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Wednesday 29th October 2008, 21:00 CET
Municipal de Los Arcos, Orihuela
Copa del Rey
1/16 Finals

Alfonso Alvarez Izquierdo (Barcelona)

Atlético are starting their road in the Valencian Community of Orihuela, a smaller city with something close to 32,000 inhabitants. The team is called El Escorpiónes and they play in Segunda División B - Group 3 together with teams from Catalonia, the Valencian Community and some from the Belaric islands.

Vicente Verzas men are 12th in the table and have with the same amount of points in 10 games. They beat PD Santa Eulalia with 3-2 this weekend and earned their fourth three pointer this season by doing so.

Orihuela have two players who's played for Atlético de Madrid B during their career, Luis Tevenet is one of these players, he's 34 years old and represented Atléti B between 1997 and 1999 where he scored 26 goals in 63 games, he also made five appereances during the 1999-2000-season when Atlético got relegated to Segunda. 24-year old David Álvarez Aguirre, or more known as Kily, played for the B-team for two season between 2006 and 2008 before our board decided to give the youngsters a fair chance and rebuild Atlético B. Kily left the team and ended up in Orihuela this summer.

I personally hope that our youngsters get a chance to prove themselves in this game. Keko would be ideal for a game like this one, especially since Camacho and Álex Quillo made their debuts for Atlético last season in Copa del Rey. As for Keko, he was excellent this weekend against Lorca where he set up Emiliano Guerra to one of the goals and was always a threat, the kid needs to be given a chance and the same goes for perhaps Sadick Adams and Cedric who's pretty highly rated at Atlético de Madrid.

Agüero will most likely not feature in this game, everything else would be a huge surprise while I think Maxi will play because of he just came back from a injury. Forlán and Simão will most likely start on the bench, that gives Luis García and Miguel a chance. I also hope that Ángel Bernabé gets a chance, he deserves one after working so hard behind Leo Franco and Coupet.
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On a serious note though, I just hope Aguirre gives Keko at least 30 minutes in this game. He's definitely deserved it.

I watched him play this weekend against Lorca and he assisted one of Guerras goals. He also had a shot wide of the goal and played as an attacker even though he's a winger. We've got ourselves an excellent little player, it's about time we give the younger players a chance and increase the number of spanish born players on the team.
I don't know much about Keko and I hope he turns into a great player for us but Miguel De las Cuevas deserves a chance first. I know Keko is a right winger and Miguel plays on the left but there's zero chance Aguirre goes with both.
Yipeee!!!! We beat mighty Orihuela by the minimum!!!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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