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In a live interview on the Romanian TV channel ProTv, in the night before the match against Italy, after some usual questions, Contra asked:
- I heard I can get a decoder to see ProTv in Spain, too. How can I get one?
TV Pesentator: OK, I'll get you one and send it in Spain. But where in Spain, in Vitoria (the city where Alaves plays) or in Barcelona?
Contra: We'll see next week.
TV Presentator: But you're more likely to Barcelona, aren't you? More than 50% chances to go to Barca from next season?
Contra: More than 50% chances to go to another team in Spain from next season.:D
TV Presentator: Not Barca?
Contra: I guess not.

The most interested team in Spain for Contra, except Barca, is Zaragoza, but Valencia and Real have chances to, however, Zaragoza is more likely to get the player.

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