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Wednesday 8th May 2002

Juventus captain Antonio Conte has stepped up his feud with Marco Materazzi after the Internazionale defender suggested he "buy a new toupee".

Balding Conte, whose spat with Materazzi goes back to the final day of the 1999-2000 season, retorted: "He needs a brain graft."

Materazzi was in the Perugia side that beat Juve in May 2000, allowing Lazio to snatch the Scudetto.

And the boyhood Lazio supporter could not hide his dismay when his favourites failed to do Inter any favours in return on Sunday.

"I was expecting a much less intense Biancazzurri," he explained after the 4-2 defeat at the Stadio Olimpico. "It's true I cried, but only after their fourth goal went in.

"I remember Antonio Conte crying two years ago at Perugia and the game was still at 0-0. Well, maybe with his prize money for the title he should buy a new toupee."

Conte snapped back: "I can buy a new toupee but he needs a brain graft. I respect the tears of Ronaldo, but I have no respect for him. He was ridiculous.

"Someone told me that he's an intelligent person off the pitch, but I don't believe it."
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