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O.k first off in 66 they changed venues to favour england then in usa 94 qualifying i cant rememember it that well but apparantly we were robbed against italy then in 97 against germany in a game we had to win we were 1-0 up and rui costa gets sent off for walking off slowly, i mean please 1: he could easily be told to hurry up especially with a yellow card and 2: rest assured if he was german he'd wouldnt be sent off.
Then against france desailly's stamp on figo unpunished he already had a yeallow card then viera's retaliation tackle on figo from behind in which i have seen sending offs be4 then zidane's elbow pn figo in which there was a free kick but no punishment then lizarazu's tackle on conceicao and then the penalty.....
I still personally believe it was ball to hand and not hand to ball but even if it was i think u cannot be 100% it was a penalty and so should be given the benefit of the doubt in that situation but the virtual images show that the linesman cannot see nor xavier nor the ball so his decision was pure luck rather than anything else oh and lets not forget the offside goal
O.k so what does this prove well i agree with figo and think it is a conspiracy against portugal and why you may ask??
well uefa and fifa dont particualrly want portugal to do well because they are a small nation and cant produce the money that a big country like france would generate therefore uefa do their best for big countries to do well in tournaments so that more money is generated.
and as gerard aigner put it "we would like a france v holland final" and why???? more $$$$$$$$$$$$.

The real shame is that UEFA have admitted to such a bias - it does truly exist, which is why some of these journalists should wake up and not regard the Portuguese as 'hysterical'.

Whilst we were qualifying for this tournament from a group of six - including Romania - there were just four big teams who had only groups of five: England, Germany, Spain and Italy (if you don't believe go check!)

UEFA made no secret of the fact that these four teams were HANDED smaller groups because they have the four largest and most lucrative television audiences, and UEFA wanted to smooth their passage to the finals because it was important that they qualified for maximum tournament TV audience and revenue.

I even recall embarassed British commentators quickly rushing through the reason they were getting a five-team group at the draw two years ago.

In actual fact in the finals England and Germany were rubbish (!), and Spain weren't exactly amazing, but at least UEFA got their money from TV deals with these countries.

This is all 100% true UEFA bias. With this in mind, we are completely entitled to question whether UEFA are once more up to their old tricks.

Rob Fernandes
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