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Consider it done: Savo Milosevic is joining Parma

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After Salas demanded crazy money nd Tanzi told him to go to hell :))) Parma will complete the already agreed transfer of Savo Milosevic,its a matter of hours.

Milosevic-Amoroso sounds EXPLOSIVE!
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I hope so. Milosevic is better than Salas anyway. With Amoroso's speed and Savo's finishing it should be a very productive pairing. This year we will have a midfield that is capable of supplying them with opportunities - unlike last year!
I agree with you 100%.

Was I the only one who had this "I see Guardiola" feeling while watching Lamuchi?

And Welcome! :)
Is it a done deal or are you just predicting Amo? Please give us some details.

He will sign tonight.
We have an accord between the clubs(25 millionUS$) now only the player has to work thingsout like salary etc.

Looks great!

I didn't the Napoli/Inter match:mad: was Lamouchi really playing that good?

When some1 mentioned Lamouchi 1st here your reaction was 'YUCK!'now it seems you chanced your mind :p
lamouchi is a fairly good player sterk give him time
Yes because I thought we wanted him fior our main play-maker.As a sub and sometimes a starter he is perfect. :)
he I din't say i don't like him 'black eagle' as a matter of fact i like him alot, he fits in everywhere(exept on the left) in the midfield!
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