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no matter what has been said,you guys deserve the title.Real certainly don't,taht I know,and you guys have been the best team in La LIga.

lets kick ass together in UCl next season.although nnothing can make me feel better now.:(:depress::sob:
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Congrats to you all, with victories in the two remaining matches you are the champions...

but it aint over til the fat lady sings ;)
I'm so happy that you turned around that result, winning, while Madrid were losing badly, once again conceding three goals away :kiss:.

I think you deserve it the most :).

Quite amazing that the Valencia fans wanted Benitez fired at a point, like with Cúper. I think they have to watch out not to be too critic, because I believe that was the reason why Cúper left you :).
I wanted to come here and wish you congratulations!

La liga belongs to Valencia! Spain belongs to Valencia!

I already passed my congrats in the Valencia-Espanyol thread, but i will do it again.

Valencia deserved Liga no doubt, they showed up in the clutch and we didn't, its as simple as that. Maybe if we didn't have the CL, we could have put more focus on the league and made it a more entertaining battle. but alas...:depress:

Your team has showed alot of heart and spirit to get this far, especially that at season start you lost your coach and your captain. Congratulations on your success, and best of luck on CL next year.
it's real nice to see people congratulating the Ches.

Congrats, I guess i was right about the "poison of La Liga" having effect eventually ;)

Amunt Valencia! :)
you gotta say that with a class striker or baraja not injured for that time la liga would of been valencias ages ago.

next season valencia should get Jardel an you will go far in the Champions League

well done youve waited along time for this!
What the heck? As far as I'm concerned nobody has won anything yet :confused: There are still 2 rounds left and if Real Madrid can win both and Valencia can only draw both then Real would win. Football is a strnage game, what's all this "Congrats" bater about?

But yes Valencia do deserve it and they are a great side and it will be great to see them back in the Champions League next year after the unlucky end to the season :cool:

Amunt Valencia! :)
Well deserved Valencia.

But it is not over yet - go and beat the next oponent and let`s have a party.
A big well done to Rafa Benitez.

I thought the club had blown it when they started selling their best players like Claudio, Mendieta, Farinos, Gerard etc. but it's made them stronger as a team.

And in case you didn't know, Atletico have won promotion!
What does "Amunt Valencia" means?:confused:
Care to explain?

It's really nice to know that Valencia is on the top of La liga right now. While the team with two most expensive players can only be on 2nd :D
I'll save my congrats, until u really get it.;)
endranesta said:
What does "Amunt Valencia" means?:confused:
Care to explain?
It's just like "Go" or "Forza", like FORZA LAZIO :cool:
I think its too early to be accepting congratulations yet as Valencia have won nothing. I will keep my fingers crossed until the next game. :)

And sarnobat, yes I know Atletico have won promotion and a very big deserve congratulation there. I hope your team will join us in beating the **** out of those R M next season :D :D :D :D

Thanks for the translation guys:)
Congratulation there is only two matches left and you are the big contender of the title you really deserve it you have had a very good season...

What a keeper Spains best Canizares

What an excellent defence led by Ayala

Excellent midfield steel and class and fighting spirit
Baraja,Rufete,Kily and Aimar

The only thing you need is an average attacker and you will win la primera in the 25 Th match...

Congratulations but you better watch out the new season starts soon and I think Barca will have a go next year led by Aimars best frined Saviola...

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please take revenge of Madrid !!!!!
thank for do my life a litter better! :D
congratulation (the leage is yours) peace of cake
YES! im really happy at Valencia winning the League. valencia is my prefered spanish side, but ive kept a closer eye on them since they played celtic this year. i was worried that by selling morientes they would fade away after rivaldo wasted the CL for us :depress: but im sure you all would gladly miss the CL thisyear if it meant winning the league this year!!!!!

all i need now is for a poetic ending in rome to help juve win the italian league that way ALL my teams win their national leagues!!!
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