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We lost to portugal.

Not a great team but sme great playes individually.

Denizli once again proved that he is an idiot by starting Tayfun and Tayfur.

We would certainly go fatrher if terim was the coach.

I am still HAppy because last time we attended Euro 96(our first ever time) we couldnt get a goal or a point. this time, we got goals, points and wins, and finally we were in the quarter finals by beatine Belguim. We also did a first b not lettng the hosts go to the 2nd round for the first ever time.

Next time, i expect even better stuff from Turkiye.
and i believe we will be a better team with all the great youngsters.:)

O well PORTUGAL has just proved y they are at second in the TIPS 2 win EURO 2000...
As dark horses i think they can go EXTREMELY FAR...

sorry TURKS better luck next time...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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