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high guys.....besides t eh fact that i really hope you guys get thumped 6-0 in both the Copa Final aginst us...i.e....my sweet INTER and teh Italian SUper Cup i would just like to say congrats to the best team in Italy for winning the Scudetto.

It will take abit of redesigning on your shirts to stick it on but i'm sure the uniform willbe just as cool.

Congrats again and realize you guys wouldn't have done it without the great IL CHOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simeone!!!!!! Simeo...Simeo.....Simeo......Simeone.....Simeone SImeone Simeone.....CHOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adios and let's hope we have agreat game on Thursday.

[email protected] [email protected]
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