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First of all I'm from Slovenia not Slovakia - thats big difference cause we know how to play football and they have this lowsy linesman.

Yesterday I supported your team with some really nice players but aginst real stron French defence with ttwo more people (Benkoe and Sramka) yau couldn't make it. I admitt it was handball but not delibarately so it shouldn't be penalty. The same things happened in France when Italy got penalty against Chile. It's obvious that only "geat" team can get such present.

And of course linesman was absolutely blind when he didn't see offside whe French scored and then he clearlly saw handball - common.

Anyway you deserve a lot of congrats for geat and brave play. See you in Japan and Korea.

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Thanks Steva! I also think Slovenia's done a great performance for a country that isn't big, and play in Euro for the first time. It's not trying to be nice, it's true. With a little bit of luck against Yugoslavia, you'd have passed to the quarters.

I met a couple of Slovenian girls :eek: , two beauties (unfortunately went back to Slovenia...)

Good luck for Zaho and see you in Japan/Korea
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