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Confidential to all attending the NJ junket!

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We got about a week to go. First, I'll need a role call: Whos coming?

Second, I'm having some construction/repairs being done at the Pila home. Hopefully they'll be done by Next Sunday. If so, I'd like to host the get together and was hoping to fire up the grill; I just need ideas on what we'd like. Burgers/hotdogs are a no brainer, but I'm trying to get a feel for Sardinhas, febras etc. Who'd go for some of that?

Third, are we playing golf in the morning? If so, who's in? If w can get six, we can make two teams and schedule tee time for both teams consecutively. If we end up with 5, how do you propose we handle that?

Also, where are we playing? I'd suggest by my neck of the woods, but if I'm still "under construction" then we're probably better off in Brick Town. I'll know whether the Pila home will be ready for hosting by Monday. Can we wait 'till then to fianlize plans?
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i'm in.

Febras are a must.

Can't make golf.

Newark is fine if the palace has not been completely refurbished with gold faucets.
I am in (Barring emergency)

I am not picky when it comes to food.

I don't like golf.
Alc!Pen!Razor! Where you all is?
I think we have a team of four wanting to play Golf. The problem: The game is at 2:30 - If we're to eat before the game starts, that don' tleave us much time to get 18 in. So, are we willing to just go 9 instead? Or, do we simply scratch Golf for another day?

If we scratch Golf, we can plan some other pre-match activities (i.e. cut brush from Pila's yard etc etc ;) ). What time do the nudy bars open on Sunday?
Pila said:

If we scratch Golf, we can plan some other pre-match activities (i.e. cut brush from Pila's yard etc etc ;) ). What time do the nudy bars open on Sunday?
I'm all for a little "Legs N' Eggs" at the Go-Go-Rama or Hot-22!! :D
Just to update you cats on the Pila household situation: situation is iffy - Carpeting guy for the room I use as an office did not show up. What this means is that the family room where the party was to take place is still serving as the host to the office's furniture and its new carpet. In other words, it's a mess. Dude mentioned he'd try to get to it before this weekend, but I think best we plan around it. However, should the guy come good on his word, I'd love it if we do it at the crib.

PS we still need a role call.

Whos in? What time are you arriving? Who's driving? Who's flying?
I am coming down on Saturday and spending the day with my buddies from College. I will then meet up with you guys on Sunday morning.

Razor/ALC/AXP - If any of you are going by bus/train/plane, I am willing to give you guys a ride back on Sunday night.

PS - Will Lady E. be making an appearance?
Penguin said:

PS - Will Lady E. be making an appearance?
I think she's scared. Can ye blame her?;)
Understandably, Alc has a higher calling and will miss our get together, though he sends his regards and wishes on a fine evening.
i am trying to put the pieces together but I think there was a LadyE sighting in my town about two weeks.

If I can just find out what kind of car she drives than the mystery has been solved.
Good, because I'm starting to suspect she's just a figment of our imagination.
LadyE= Cleek?!?!??!?!;)
AXP103 said:
LadyE= Cleek?!?!??!?!;)
:fero: :scream: :finger: ;) :D


LadyE may make it if it happens in Newark....otherwise... :mute: :(
Leave it to Pila to confuse the whole situation. Here's what I need to get this done.

First and foremost, I need an accurate number of golfers ready and willing to play at 8-9 AM Sunday. I will be playing golf irregardless. Pen, since you're down here already, just give me a heads up. Razor, how ya getting down here and at what time? I'll pick you up at the airport, no need for a rental.

Last but not least. The meeting place for all this will be the Benfica club in Newark, in case Pila's joint needs to be steam cleaned because he has wet his panties too many times watching Eagles games.

Golf will take place in Union county if I can get an accurate number of golfers today.

Oh and Lady E you should make this shindig...just to prevent us from killing each other by the end of this game.

That is all.
Hey! If you guys don't mind watching the game and dodge furniture and a huge roll of carpet (can always use it o rest your beer on) as you walk from the cooler and back, then we'll head on over to my house.

BTW, I'm in for Golf. 66 has already said he can't make it for Golf. AXP doesn't like Golf - so I think we have four. That's perfect. Now we just need LadyE to come so she can keep track of your subtle shaving in your stroke count.
Damn this all sounds great! Too bad I can't make it! I rarely have time to sleep nevermind treking it down to Jersey!:(

Considering the time we had here in Boston I will be missing out big time! Well anyways have fun boys and drink a few for me but be safe!!!

...It's a real long shot but when you's give out directions shoot some my way too just in case! It's a slim chance but who knows maybe I'll be able to swing something!

If I don't make though, Penguin you'll be the only one of our kind there so keep it real! Rain or Shine keep it real, brother!!!!

Here's to a good clean game with plenty of action and attacking with maybe a Jardel or a Carlito dive or 2!
Viva Sporting!!!
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