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Ok so why don't we sum up our season. Its the first season that H. has been in charge and what is the end result?

I'm sure we will agree that Houllier has created a defense on which to build although yesterdays defending of the free kick must have been a tribute to the good old days.

Additionally we have the youngest squad in the premiership (younger than Leeds before anyone argues) which is all very happy to be playing for LFC, Fowler included.

We will be getting two or three quality aquisitions during the Summer, and our financial situation is more than adequate contrary to tabloid speculation.

All in all we are 'stable', in Europe, have a young squad, cash and a great manager. This is the beginning, and a pretty damn good one at that.

Ok, overall, the season looks alrite, but it just beats me how Liverpool can collapse in the last few weeks of the season. Is it the fact that Euro 2000 is just round the corner so everyone is not interested anymore? And I can't understand how even the carrot of a CL place, ie the chance to play in Europe's most prestigious club tournament, could not motivate these guys.
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