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Who Would you start in the game? In the Kraut game conceicao was the man of the match..........NOT for the 3 goals he scored,,,but for the way he ran up and down the right flank all game. One minute he was sprinting up getting a good cross in.the next running back to his own goal to stop an attack. I think the game vs Turkey will be a physical one.....too physical for JVP. JVP has impressed me and I hate to not start him but conceicao can run up and down the field for 90 minutes............JVP tends to get his fair share of knocks on him and it takes its toll in the second half. Again I would hate to not include JVP in the first 11........but would u start conceicao ahead of rui costa or figo? JVP is odd man out unless you wanted an offensive team and have JVP---costa---figo---conceicao leaving vidagal out. The midfield is the key to any game.

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That's a tough one. Personally I agree with you, but you can understand if Coelho opts for JVP instead. Up front I would go with Nuno again. Either way it's a great predicament to be in...Actually Conceicao has been upset over not starting since the Wales game..yesterday you can tell that he was playing to prove his status...and deserves to start based on his performance and peak form. Coelho though so far has done just about everything right, and he these players believing not in personal glory but the glory of the Portuguese. They are a together 22 and it should stay that way! FORCA PORTUGAL!
I hear ya Coelho has done everything right! Conceicao should start but I like Vidigal in there for his defensive play! Keep everything the way it was all along and if you need a spark off of the bench Conceicao is your man! As far as his play against Germany he was all over the place anytime the ball went anywhere it seemed like Conceicao was there offensively and defensely! First God...Then Country....then yourself!!!
Well i think it's good to keep VIDIGAL there but i would like if CONCEICAO came of the bench cause like that he will be fired up with a point to prove.

But then again it's the coaches descision and we must respect it...

as long as we beat the TURKS i couldn't care less who plays
i just hope we totally DEMOLISH them...
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