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Conceicao has accepted the transfer to Parma :( , while Inter has offered a final bid around 45-50 billion lire to sign Salas, that's value excluding Vladimir Jugovic (He might stay at San Siro anyway) and Zenden is going to Rome tomorrow, The agreement between Lazio and Barcelona are concluded today.
Middlesbrough could be set to make a move for Lazio's Alen Boksic.

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DAMN!!!! For a while I started thinking that Salas might go to Parma instead of Conceicao :mad: but now we will loose both players instead :mad:

I'd be delighted if Boksic went to Boro (My fav EPL team though i dont really support EPL teams) 2 ex Laziali there Boksic + Okon, too bad gazza is out :(

Hehehe good luck to Barca for Beckham!!


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We shouldn't sell Conceicao.... he did a great job in Lazio... even when we (really) need striker such as Crespo.
It was our failure to sell Conceicao.
For Almeyda, we had Baronio, who is younger ang more skillful.
I hope Zenden could fill Conceicao's place, so we still keep the winning team.

My thought about Figo.... he still the best, and also the most expensive :)))... however we don't need him as much as we need right wing... So just forget about Figo!

With Crespo and Lopez in the line-up, I think we will make the CL next season (oth of them also playing in the Argentinean squad).

Good luck Lazio in this "Player Hunting".....

Snip from http://www.teamtalkworld.com
"Sergio Cragnotti is in trouble. Despite his continued reassurances that no matter what Salas and Concecaio will decide Hernan Crespo will come to Rome all the same it seems that the two players' reluctance to move to Parma is indeed creating quite a few difficulties for Lazio's president.
As a matter of fact if Cragnotti cannot find two valuable players to offer to Parma as part of the deal he will have to pay the record amount in cash. In order to avoid this expense that would be enormous even for a rich team like Lazio, it seems that Cragnotti would gladly buy another player from another team to give him to Parma.
Since Tanzi's team has been interested in Swedish talent Martin Jorgensen for a while without succeeding in finalising a deal, it seems that Cragnotti is pressuring Udinese to get the player and then give him to Parma as part of the Crespo deal."

First, if we sell Salas to Inter in a straight cash deal, that is as good as exchanging him to Parma and no extra money has to come out of Lazio's pockets. But Parma needs a striker.
Second, Martin Jorgensen is a talent, but a DANISH talent.
Third, If Cragnotti buyes Jorgensen and gives him to Parma, he'll still ned the same amount of cash to take out of his pockets.

This makes you wonder, how much can you trust such an article?

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Two things.

Lazindo01, have you ever reflected over where Figo plays? :) Can it possibly be right wing by any chance? ;)

How in earth can Teamtalk exist. They never write anything reliable. And it's always from the narrow mind of an english. Jörgensen, SWEDISH? Come on! The rest of the crap make no sense either...
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