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i was watchin AFV the otha day, and they showed an italian football commercial, i was dyin laughin at it :D must hav been the funniest one i've ever seen in my life! went like this:

in the urban of Italy, a woman of a 4 - 6 story apartment building is holding her dog by the hand over the balcony, hopin it wont fall, cryin for help like she was sayin "oohh please save my doggieee," there's a crowd of people beneath the apartment watchin it all and prayin and everything...

but then the dog slips! he's fallin and about to hit the floor hard when out of nowhere some guy jumps and saves the dog like a goalie would save a shot :howler: everyone's celebrating, and so is he, when he throws the dog up and kicks him! :dielaugh: lol gettin caught up in the moment he pulls a socca playas celebration :D

any others?
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