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Colombian Stars set to be sold (Eng)

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Along with all the transfer talk very usual these days, the Colombian players aren't out of all that movement.

The most important transfer that is moving now is the one involving international stryker Juan Pablo Angel from Rivel Plate. And italian champions Lazio are poised to sign him. The movement should be done for 16 million dollars. And it seems that Lazio would probably loan him to Parma in a swap for Hernan Crespo. This swap could include Almeyda or Conceicao as an add-in por Parma.

Other possible move for Parma is the young creative midfielder Mayer Candelo from Deportivo Cali, he's very talented but i hope that italians don't "burn" such as happens with Jhonnier Montaño.

Another moves involving Colombian Market may be to Argentina. Where midfielders Arley Dinas, Guillermo Rivera, Frankie Oviedo and Stryker Jairo Castillo have interesting offers.

Anybody knows anything else?

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Don't be so nasty, Nick ;)

I don't have much Time.

Mayer Candelo is a great player such as Parmesano says, he's very talented and knows a lot with the ball. I'm sure you'll see him in Europe very soon.

Colombia plays Argentina next day 29, your thoughts?

(hope before a month ;)
This looks good!

I'm back and it was worth the waiting, this place now looks pretty good.

Well, about Angel i think he's a phenom. Did anybody saw his goals against Gimnasia & Esgrima?. I take off mi hat in front of him. He's world class, he must be starter and i agree that no team can be so dumb to put him on the bench.

Candelo is phisically weack, that's a general condition in a lot of Colombian young creative midfielders. But they techinical skills are a compensation to that.

I don't know the teams of Rivera or Oviedo, I just listened the rumors about them going to Argentina.

Have a nice day
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Redin was a very famous player during the 80's because he made a very good couple with Valderrama at Deportivo Cali and in the national team until Rincon came and sacked him.
He's old and finished such as all MLS foreign signings.

More transfers:

Farid Mondragon from Independiente to FC Metz, confirmed.
Bonilla from Salamanca to Botafogo, near
Candelo to Palmeiras, Rumour
Angel to Parma, near
Serna from Boca Juniors to Osasuna (spain), rumour
Preciado stays at Independiente Santa Fe until december.
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More Transfers

There are a lot of transfers involving Colombian players (and even a Colombian TEAM!! :eek: ) to mexican teams this season.

America de Mexico has signed Frankie Oviedo from America Cali.

Atlante signed Wilmer Ortegon from America and Neider Morantes from Atletico Nacional and is set to sign Victor Pacheco From DIM (el "poderoso" ;)

Pachuca has signed goalkeeper Miguel Calero From Nacional.

And Atlante owners have bough 50% of the Atletico Bucaramanga's actions and will rule the team. They might exchange players between Atlante and Bucaramanga.
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