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You guys keep calm ! Referees' mission is over...They already have done everything they can do ! Don't worry about Collina...

Everybody's eye will be on him ! after all these happened All the world's eyes + UEFA's and FIFA's eyes will be on him.
If he makes a mistake he can not direct any top games in Europe and in Italy.

Even If someone directs this game from Drughi or Fighters ! he could not dare to do a mistake!

Not the referee (in these conditions) but i don't trust Perugia..They were much better at home last year.(12 wins) + they had a relegation fear.But lost against Milan without forcing the game.
And now they have nothing to worry now.

I hope Cragnotti gave an incredible win or draw bonus to Perugia players.That's the only thing i hope + a bit luck + a bad day of Juve + God's help for justice...
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