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Collina banned from Scudetto showdowns

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Pierluigi Collina may be considered to be one of the best referees in the world by FIFA, but the controversial figure has been banned from taking charge of Inter, Roma and Juventus in the run-in to the title.

Refereeing designators Paolo Bergamo and Luigi Pairetto confirmed the news this afternoon following the row over two late penalties handed to the Giallorossi last week.

Roma were losing 2-0 at bottom club Venezia before Collina pointed to the spot twice in the space of two minutes for the eventual 2-2 draw.

Now that the Scudetto has become a three-horse race with four games left in the season, another refereeing error could spark a major diplomatic row between the three clubs.

Instead, Collina will be assigned only to games valid for fourth place, relegation dogfights and promotion clashes in Serie B.

It has even been suggested that FA President Franco Carraro personally ordered the move to avoid further controversy in an already heated environment.
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I guess this means that there´s no question that he screwed up then? Since I have read on the net from some fans of Roma and even some neutral fans that both penalties were legitimate. :D

I don´t think they would ban the most famous referee for nothing. ;)
yeah...i think they all know that Collina was wrong, but what can they do?..i quess..nothing.:mad:
collina currently applying to be a guest star in
Ripley's believe it or not show.

with the episode " The fastest come back of the year" - believe it or not?
That's good news for Juventus because they haven't won with Collina in ages, actually they have been in a losing spell lately with Collina, imagine he refeered for them in this stage in the season, Juve could lose, again:eek:

That's not good news for Inter because recently they were in a winning spell with Collina, victories against Milan 0-1 and against Fiorentina also 0-1. Imagine if they got Collina now? they would probably win, again 0-1:D

As for Roma, they don't have a good record with Collina at all, so avoiding him at this stage is ok. :tongue:
HA! Collina! Even if roma DO win the scduetto, they know it's going to be a cheap win.
any way we have got that point roma was looking for....luckly collina did't have time 2 give the 3rd penalty:) :D :D :D
collina deserves some 'rest'... :D:D:D
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