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Cole warns Blues on Milan threat

Chelsea star Joe Cole has warned his team-mates they will have to beat an "incredible" AC Milan team if they are to win this season's Champions League.
"It would be great if we could win the treble," Cole told uefa.com. "We have a 13-point lead in the Premiership and a 4-2 advantage over Bayern Munich.

"But even if we get past them we will probably have to beat AC Milan eventually.

"I think they're incredible this season and a side I would love to meet."

If Chelsea come through their second leg against Bayern they will meet either Liverpool or Juventus in the semi-final.

That means, should the Blues go all the way to the final in Istanbul, they will possibly face AC Milan.

The Rossoneri hold a 2-0 lead over city rivals Inter going into their quarter-final second leg, and will face either Lyon or PSV should they come through in aggregate.

Having said that as a Milan fan I remain rather cautious on our eventual possibility of reaching the semis, cause after all tomorrow we will be facing our arci-rivals Inter, and in a derby anything can happen :stress: Should we be lucky enough to overcome the derby threat, we will then focus on the semis. But really what puzzles me the most, is that Cole is talking as if he is almost certain of reaching the final. I personally understand that he may have all the reasons to be this confident, still, shoudn't facing most probably Juve in the semis be considered more thatn just a modest challenge?

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Joe Cole is not the brightest of lads tbh, how could he be, he is an Islington boy that supported Chelsea as a kid, that is very strange indeed. ;)

he probably think this current tie with Bayern is the semi final as there are only two ties played on the same night, the Chelsea game and the Milan game.
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