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a few coefficients:

According to today's edition of the sports paper Mundo Deportivo, FC Barcelona has the best coefficient in European competition this season according to UEFA's result-based figures. FC Barcelona tops the ranking with 28 points and a coefficient of 37.285 ahead of Real Madrid, with 27 points and a coefficient of 36.285, and Valencia, the other finalist who
totalled 24 points for a coefficient of 33.285. The following is a list of the ten top qualifiers for the 1999-2000 season:

1- FC Barcelona
28 points and a coefficient of 37.285

2- Real Madrid
28 points and a coefficient of 36.285

3- València
24 points and a coefficient of 33.285

4- Arsenal
23 points and a coefficient of 30.179

5- Bayern Munich
24 points and a coefficient of 29.392

6- Manchester
21 points and a coefficient of 28.179

7- Lazio
22 points and a coefficient of 27.938

8- Chelsea
19 points and a coefficient of 26.179

9- Galatasaray
22 points and a coefficient of 25.750

10- Leeds
18 points and a coefficient of 25.179

On the other hand, FC Barcelona has the second best coefficient over the last five years, just behind Italian giant Juventus. Barca has an aggregate coefficient of 103.799 since the 1995-96 season just behind the Turin club's total of 109.901. These official UEFA figures show that our Club continues to be one of the biggest in Europe. The following list includes the Top 10 teams with the best European coefficient over the last 5 years:

1- Juventus
Agregate Coefficient : 109.901

2- FC Barcelona
Agregate Coefficient: 103.799

3- Bayern Munich
Aggregate Coefficient:103.059

4- Real Madrid
Aggregate Coefficient : 99.799

5- Lazio
Aggregate Coefficient : 94.901

6- Manchester
Aggregate Coefficient: 89.656

7- Atlético Madrid
Aggregate Coefficient: 83.799

8- Borussia Dortmund
Aggregate Coefficient: 80.059

9- Inter Milán
Aggregate Coefficient: 79.901

10- Parma
Aggregate Coefficient: 78.901

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Well someone in the printing room sniffed to much of that ink :)

Ok first of all Arsenal, United, Real and Barca infront of Lazio this season .. that´s comedy !! Not to mention Valencia.

Ok let´s shed some light on the competitions:

1) Lo Scudetto
2) Champions Leauge
3) La Primera
4) Premiere Leauge title
5) That german thingy
6) Uefa Cup
7) Championat ( the frog thing )

991) Scottish title
1100) Allsvenskan

svennis;that's comedy!! how come am not loughting ..

what Lazio did : 2 scudetto , 0 champion league

now thats funny ....... compering to the Gaint Real and Barchalona and Man Utd

get real

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I don't think there's generally that much comedy about facts svennis :).
As eringi mentioned this is only about European fixtures and the points assembled are simply won-drawn-lost records divided with number of matches played. I don't quite get the coeffiency thing though, but it shouldn't be a surprise that the 4 teams that qualified for the CL semifinals are also the ones who scored more points. Arsenal beats Bayern, because they had a tremendous record in the UEFA cup before they lost the final here in Copenhagen.

The intention of this list is not to establish who's the better team. There are other lists for that sort of thing, and you can console yourself that Lazio is still number one in Reuters version :) :(.

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