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Cocu, Litmanen, Guardiola to Olympiakos?

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I read somewere that there is a posibility that Cocu, Guardiola and Litmanen might move to Olympiakos. Is there anyone that knows anything about this?
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The Dutch and the Spanish press linked them immediately after VG's failure but it seems that only Litmanen has a slight possibility.Still none of them will come.

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...
Still,it would be ideal to have in Olympiakos,a player like Guardiola,i hope he would come,afterall we are the greek champions :D !

Guardiola? HAHAHAHA!

he would NEVER come to play here,besides you dont need him,you get this corrupt league anyway with your best players like Papapetrou and Valianos!

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...
Why would Guardiola ever come to play in Greece??????

I'd say Litmanen is closer to reality (because I don't think there's such high demand for him now) but I don't want him to come, I hope he doesn't.

Cocu? For Christ's sake!!!

In the past 2-3 weeks, we've heard everything!!! That Olympiakos is buying Georgatos, Bogarde, the De Boers, Littmanen, making a long story short half of Barcelona, and also hiring Trappatoni, Lippi, Matthaus and (even!) VAN GAAL as coaches! I can't help muself hahahahahahaha!!! Don't believe a word from all that CRAP!
Amo,do a me a favor and stop this whole campaing of yours against Olympiakos,you shared with all of us your opinion but now it's enough,okay?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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