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Assistant takes over at Vasco

Assistant coach Alcir Portela has once again taken control at Vasco on a temporary basis after the resignation of Abel Braga. This is the sixth time that Portela has been put in charge, but when asked if he was tired of always playing caretaker manager he was emphatic in his denial. "I return to take charge with great pride and I'm ready to make my contribution one more time", he said. Current Palmeiras coach Luís Felipe Scolari will become the new full-time coach when the Copa Libertadores and Paulista Championship are over.

Nelsinho quits Portuguesa
Nelsinho Baptista resigned as coach of Portuguesa this Friday, stating that the managers of the club were unwilling to buy new players. "A team that wants to be champion has to contract players, it's not enough to just hire a coach", said Nelsinho. It is rumoured that he will move to Coritiba, Paraná, although neither the coach or the directors were willing to confirm this.

Helpless fool

Palmeiras coach (and next caoach of Vasco) Luís Felipe Scolari was caught giving his players controversial instructions for their upcoming game against Corinthians . He ordered his players to hit Corinthians players hard in the semi-final second leg of the Copa Libertadores. "It seems you were born yesterday. You can't let Edilson (Corinthians striker) escape like this. He is a smart-ass, but he is a coward. You have to get close to him and hit him real hard", Scolari was heard to say. In the last game, Edilson provoked Palmeiras' players several times, causing the coach to say "I want to see if someone here will be man enough to bust his ass off. If Palmeiras lose the next game, there will be a fight after the game", and "We have to **** this **** of team definitively". All of the statements were recorded by journalists who were listening to his instructions after a training session. "Felipão", as he is known, refused all the accusations, even though his phrases were clearly recorded by TV and newspaper media.
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