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(CNN text) -- Yugoslavia's under-21 coach has denied accusations that his players racially-abused England striker Emile Heskey during an U-21 European Championship qualifier in Barcelona on Wednesday.

English officials, including national coach Kevin Keegan, complained that Heskey was abused by fans and spat at and kicked by Jovan Tanasijevic.

But Dusan Savic retorted: 'We were not supposed to caress them. If a player does not take 10 kicks a game he should go and play the piano and not soccer.'

Kevin Keegan, napusi se meni kurca :(
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the problem wasn't about the kick, but the abusement...
just read this news!
LONDON, March 30 (Reuters)(DS) - The English FA has vowed to combat racism after striker Emile Heskey was spat at, subjected to racial abuse and constantly fouled in an under-21 match against Yugoslavia in Barcelona .
"We are not going to sit idly by and let this sort off thing go on, wherever we are in the world," the FA's executive director David Davies told BBC radio.
"There was a stream of racist abuse addressed at Emile Heskey particularly and this went on and on. He was a great credit to himself in the way that he put up with it."
The England side defeated Yugoslavia 3-0 in the European championship playoff.
Heskey was the target of racist chants from a section of the Yugoslav supporters and the player said he was spat at and brutally challenged by some of the Yugoslav players.
"I was aware of what was going on in the stands. It's not something you come across in the premiership," he said.
"There was a bit of everything going on out there. I was spat at one time but the manager had said this is something I might come across."
Coach Howard Wilkinson said Heskey had "a torrid time and was subject to unreasonable behaviour. "But I thought he came out of it in a professional manner. He showed a lot of dignity and took it all in his stride."

i didn't watch that game and all i know is from the news.
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This is all bull****, the English FA is yet again trying to get Yugoslavia punnished...

"There was a bit of everything going on out there. I was spat at one time but the manager had said this is something I might come across."

What exactly is Heskey trying to say there? That Yugoslavs are racist? :(

Well, Mr. Heskey you can go and **** yourself you lying prich :(...
I guess what surprises me the most is when the English accuse other people of being racist, considering their fans are one of the worst racist hooligans in soccer. I guess the REAL message the English want the world to know is its okay to racially abuse someone if you're of an English/Anglo-Saxon background, but if you're not then its morally wrong. I think the English, particularly the media need to take a long look at themselves before they point the finger at others.

P.S. Don't always believe the English media, they always seem to make a mountain out of mole hill.
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