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Winter is Coming.
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I've searched this topic on the forums but few ever seem to reply, hope everyone is more helpful this time around.

i've got some schedules set up, but i'm only getting at max 4 stars for training, and i want to know how i could optimize it.
i know most of you are on to 03/04 but i just got CM4, and i'm enjoying my European Glory with Liverpool. (if it can't be in real life then might as well be here ;)).

anyways, sometimes my players are pissed, and sometimes my coaches say the training is no good. i'm just wondering if...

a: its bad to run training every day of the week.

b: which trainings for each group, and how much of it?

c: if u change a player's position in the training screen, what happens?

d: how do the stats get enhnaced? what are the levels for advancement?

e: how do you develop good youngsters into EPL allstars?

thanks for all your help guys

have a good one. :)
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