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Club's name

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Several news agencies have referred to the club of Deportivo as "Coruna" lately. :confused:. Does it actually mean something? No! The city's name is A Coruña, not Coruna or La Coruna or whatever. The club's official name is Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña, shortly Deportivo de La Coruña or Deportivo.
I was actually even wondering if the forum's name could be Deportivo de La Coruña:D, but that's not the issue here.

This is just my opinion, I don't like the club to be called Coruna:eek:.
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well...aslong as it is in favour for Depor the I dont give a damn ;)
I agree bailemos, it gets my nerves when I see "La Coruna" or "Coruna"... damn the name is Deportivo! It's like if you call Ajax simply "Amsterdam"
Well, this is a pretty rare mistake, nowadays when Depor are famous... but the smaller clubs suffer from it quite frequently:irritate: When I see Vallecano, or Betis Sevilla, or Villareal, it really get's me frustrated:frustrat: What a bunch of dorks!:eek::devil:

And abroad you always have the problem of the city name being translated... something I strongly oppose to too. It's a brand name, not some crap you can switch around as you like. Real Madrid CF, not Real Madryt as they write in polish:yuck: Or Bayern Munich instead of Bayern Munchen:yuck: So frustrating sometimes, but it's frequent and uncurable I suppose.
Bayern München.... :p
Some international news sites still make this mistake, are we famous for them?:D
Real Madryt is a funny invention indeed:howler:. But Bayern Munich, the English version, is just useful for people without the letter 'ü' on their keyboard.
i don't have that letter on my keyboard either, just use ¨and then u.... :angel:
Munich is at least the city's name in English but Munchen does not mean anything, mostly because the letter 'ü' is a full letter, totally different from 'u';).
I have nothing to say....
As someone who is fluent only in english (and that is open to debate as well) i've often wondered what Deportivo actually means. Probably a simple question to spanish speakers, but I'd be interested to find out.
I think it means 'sport' in its original meaning. But very many clubs have it as a part of their name, so I guess it has become a name for us.
Deportivo means "Sportive" in English, to be exact
Funny, in England the opinion seems to be the opposite, i.e., referring to Manchester United FC PLC (TM) as "United" annoys fans of Leeds United , Newcastle United etc., whereas calling them Leeds and Newcastle is normal.
Can't do that in Scotland though.
But wouldn't simply calling the club "Depor" or "Deportivo" frustrate Alaves fans, for example, as they share the same prefix? As dubh-ban pointed out, fans of West Ham, Leeds, Newcastle etc. get extremely annoyed at Manchester United being refered to as "United".
RCD Mallorca, RCD Espanyol have also 'Deportivo' in their club's name but the thing is that for them it's just a prefix, for us it's the name. No-one says RCD La Coruña, it would be just freaky:D.

The English fans are such clowns getting annoyed for just a name...:rolleyes::D. But the thing is different, for ManU, 'United' is a nickname but for Depor 'Deportivo' has always been the default name.
I think "Deportivo" is somekind of Spanish term of sport association like the Italian word "Sportiva" in A.S Roma or S.S Lazio official name. Many sport association in this world that specialized in football sport.

As for the usage of term "Deportivo" instead of "La Coruna" by many people in this world, I think it's already fixed and unchanged for long time. I am not sure when people started to call them "Deportivo" or "Super Depor", as far as I know Deportivo La Coruna was once a club in third division of Spanish La Liga long time ago. There must be many other deportivos in Spain at that time.

Well, it looks little unfair that actually many other deportivos in Spain, like RCD Mallorca or RCD Espanyol. Even small club like Alaves also a deportivo although they're not a "Real Club" (royal club). But, that's reality...there're already too many people in this world that assume there's only one Deportivo in Spain (most of people don't know what the meaning of "Deportivo".

I think this is fine since so far no clubs complaining about that. The real point is the using of "de' in "Real Club Deportivo de La Coruna". It means this club is originated from La Coruna, not a name of the club. Somehow I find it questionable if "Deportivo" is the real name of this club, is it the first sport association in Spain ? I mean it's pretty daring to make a general term as official name....
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Zhuge Liang said:
The real point is the using of "de' in "Real Club Deportivo de La Coruna". It means this club is originated from La Coruna, not a name of the club.
Exactly, also it would be the correct name for this forum;).
The club`s name is Deportivo la Coruña. Deporte is spanish for sports. It`s la Coruña becuase the city`s name is La Coruña. Even if it`s mostly spelled on maps and etc. as A Coruña. So in english the name is La Coruña Sports or something like that. I also think the forum name should be changed. The forum should have the clubs offical name and no english translation. Which mean "Deportivo La Coruña. Or the catalan spelling La Corunya.;)
mutu1875 said:
But wouldn't simply calling the club "Depor" or "Deportivo" frustrate Alaves fans, for example, as they share the same prefix?
No, if you say "Deportivo" in Spain all people will think in Deportivo La Couña; it's the way it's known. You can also say "Deportivo Alavés"if you want, but not only "Deportivo". It's not unfair, it's how people call the teams: Deportivo, Atlético, Barça, Alavés, Mallorca... I repeat, for example you can say "Ajax Amsterdam" or simply "Ajax", but not only "Amsterdam". That's just dumb:eek:
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