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Ser Benfiquista
é ter na alma a chama imensa
que nos conquista
e leva à alma a luz intensa
Do sol que lá no céu
risonho vem beijar
com orgulho muito seu
As camisolas berrantes
que nos campos a vibrar
são papoilas saltitantes

(Sport Lisboa e Benfica)

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Okay I'll try a translation, correct me if I make mistakes, I am actually able to speak portuguese but as translator I'm always a bit shaky given I am studying language science and no translation, plus I am too lazy to move now and get my dictionary (especially the last line is very tricky and I somehow think I might have got it wrong):

To be Benfiquista
means to have that immense call in your soul
that conquers us
and leaves that intensive light in the soul
From the sun that there in the sky
joyfully comes kissing
with a lot of pride herself
the brightly coloured shirts
On the fields, shaking
Like poppy in growth
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