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I can only offer the old First Vienna FC (oldest Austrian team, 6x champion, only 3rd division at the moment) anthem, as I already did here: http://www.xtratime.org/forum/showthread.php?p=2131691#post2131691

First Vienna FC-anthem (not really sung or even played these days, sadly):

"Drum auf! Ihr Brüder, hier die Hand!
Zum Zeichen bleibender Treue,
Dass der alte Ruhm, der so schmählich entschwand,
Sich stetig wachsend erneue!
Wollens zeigen dem Gegner, ob fern, ob hier,
Mit uns könnt ihr nimmermehr scherzen,
Wir tragen Blau-Gelb nicht als farbige Zier,
Wir tragen Blau-Gelb auch im Herzen!"

my poor attempt of an english translation:
"Come on! You Brothers, here's the hand!
To show the constant faith,
that the old fame, which passed so terribly,
will re-new and constantly grow!
Want to show the opponent, whether away, or here,
that you can't joke with us anymore,
we don't carry (wear) Blue-Yellow as colourful decoration,
we also carry Blue-Yellow in our hearts!"

[origin: post 1st world-war, late 1910s, as far as I know)
And a shock element at the end of the post, that Vorwärts Steyr-team you mentioned plays in the second last division (after going bankrupt a few times) nowadays.

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squelch said:
@MxPx: Second last? Ouch. So Vorwaerts are like, Austria's version of Dynamo Berlin, I guess...
Well, Dynamo Berlin without the Stasi-history and extreme fan-base, so to day.
They even had to start in the lowest league (2. Klasse Ost Oberösterreich, as far as I can remember), but eventually won promotion.
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