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Club anthems/songs (klupske pesme)

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I'm trying to compile as many football anthems as I can, for a website to be opened in the near future. If you could provide me with club songs, it would be much appreciated (ili na latinicom, ili na cirilicom, mi je isto :) ). Any club, any division is welcome - the more, the better! Post them here, or PM me with them. Thanks!
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::Ambis:: said:
ps-Red Star is the only thing that matters in life, everything else is trifles :shades:
Funny you should say that, I've always held the opinion that "Ujpest is life, the rest only details" :)

But thanks for the texts. There are the two big teams down then. What would the odds be of finding any songs for smaller clubs? And defunct clubs (Pristina and whatnot). What happened to the Kosovo clubs, have they relocated and reformed elsewhere, or are they just...on a vacation of indeterminate length?
Drulo said:
Nah I think you misunderstood him. They're part of a separate Kosovo based league that only involves ethnic Albanian teams. So not in Albania itself.
Ok. So do those teams like Flamurtari have anything to do with the old teams like FK Pristina, or are they new clubs? This was the main point of my question.

But in handball they're going to be recognized as an independant league and will get to send teams to Europe. Our FA reacted furiously, but it seems they can't stop it.
Handball...all I know about handball is that that's the only sport Hungary is good at anymore...and that Iceland is good too...

But...devil's advocate here: why shouldn't they recognise Kosovo, FIFA has recognised Palestine...
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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