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Claudio Lopez signs Lazio !

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Valencia's player Claudio Lopez said that he will sign lazio after the Final Game in CL finishes ! On last game in Spanish Division 1 he scored deceicive goal againsz Zaragoza and he was Saying goodbye to all the Valencia fans by wawing with his hands ! After the game his coplayers backcarried him all over the ground !
I want to know what is your opinion of this player ...
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a tremendous player...great speed and shot and passing ability. he has it all!

i just hope he will fit in well quikly because of our argentines in the team...well, i think he will have a good time because of the people he knows here.

cant wait to see him create great chances for us. he is truly great.
C Lopez has been my favourite forward since 2 seasons ago, the man has everything I want from a segunda punta but he´s too good to be considered a segunda punta.

Lopez is similar to Nedved only much better at dribbling, passing and the overall perception of the game.

Lopez has a great shot and he is never afraid to fire at goal.

In europe right now he´s the hottest striker and if he can keep playing on this level then Lazio will be nullify the Batigol -> Roma transfer, the Sheva -> Milan transfer and any other transfer.

I can´t find a bad thing to say about Lopez, oh ... he´s not good with his head. Tsss who cares :) he´s also great at taking freekicks.

So that should give us some options: Veron, Miha and Lopez :) what team can compare ??
In terms of skill there is no team like Lazio.
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lopez rules
he will win the champions league two years in a row :)

forza lazio
I saw him only in 2 matches: Valencia - MU and Valencia - Lazio this year. He didn't impress me. Though he scored the fifth goal in Valencia nightmare, he wasn't dangerous at all; he scored because disappointed and unwilling Lazio defence allowed him to do this. Judging by these two games buying of Lopez is a certain waste of money.
Maybe he showed himself as a "tremendous player" in other games, I don't know. I'll be glad if I am mistaken about him, because it seems that Lazio will buy him anyway.

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dont worry u are mistaken

watch any other champions league game and u will see how good he is

maybe u just happened to see the 2 games where he didnt play great

did u see barca valencia?

he is great no doubt

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Best left-footed striker perhaps? :)
I hope Lopez can show his best ability at scoring goals, and i hope he can Help Lazio to win the champions league!!!
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